Stages of Faith: 8 Milestones That Mark Your Journey Don Willett

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Stages of Faith: 8 Milestones That Mark Your Journey  by  Don Willett

Stages of Faith: 8 Milestones That Mark Your Journey by Don Willett
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Stages of Faith is a powerful 13-week study for personal and small group use, which should be in every small group leaders toolbox. Instead of simplistic, trendy formulas or canned prescriptions, youll explore a rich metaphor of three dynamicMoreStages of Faith is a powerful 13-week study for personal and small group use, which should be in every small group leaders toolbox.

Instead of simplistic, trendy formulas or canned prescriptions, youll explore a rich metaphor of three dynamic stages of spiritual growth--the Childhood stage of faith, the Young Adulthood stage of faith, and the Parenthood stage of faith--and eight milestones you will encounter en route to spiritual maturity.

The stages model offers a convincing description of the growth of ones Christian faith as well as compelling insights into how the journey proceeds.Stages of spiritual growth can be measured. You will complete the Spiritual Growth Profile--a one-of-a-kind instrument--and find out how far you have progressed in the three stages and eight milestones.

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